During a fall, spring or a summer term, an instructor's approval will be required to add a course to your roster. Some courses need department permission in addition to an instructor’s approval. Sometimes additional approvals may be required to register for a course.  If additional approvals are needed, your advisor will let you know.


Step 1. Request instructor approval

Using your TUmail contact your instructor to request permission to add the course and include the following information in the email: CRN (Course Reference Number), Subject, Course Number, and Section.


Step 2: Upload your request for advisor approval

  1. Login to TUportal.
  2. Click on the Student Tab
  3. In the forms channel, select Add a Course with Instructor Permission
  4. Complete the form with the required information.
  5. Upload the email containing the instructor's permission. Please make sure to include your original email with the details of your requested course when you upload your instructor permission.


Step 3: Follow-up from your advisor

Be on the lookout for an email letting you know that the course registration you requested was approved or denied. If the course was not added, the email will contain an explanation.