Who does this apply to?

Currently enrolled students who have a change in citizenship status can have their record updated to reflect the new status.  For example, a student who is now a permanent resident of U.S. from being a non-resident reflects a change in citizenship status.   


How do I change my citizenship status?

To update your record reflecting a change in citizenship status, follow the steps available on the Personal Information Change page by selecting the Name/Personal Info Change option. 

  • Be sure to upload the appropriate documents that reflect a change in your citizenship status and a copy of your SSN card. 
  • Your legal name will be updated to the name appearing on your government issued documents.
  • Your request will be evaluated for accuracy and validity.
  • You will then be notified if your request was approved or denied.  


Does changing my citizenship status change my residency classification?

A change in citizenship status does not equate to a change in residency classification for tuition purpose. You may petition for residency reclassification by following the steps on our Pennsylvania Residency page.