What is Change of Program for Advisor workflow?

Academic Advisors have access to update a program (major, minor, concentration, or certificate) of a student actively enrolled in their school or college using the Change of Program workflow. The workflow adheres to the Change of Program policy and process. Changes submitted via the workflow will update the student's record in real-time.


How can I access the workflow?

The workflow is available in TUportal:

  1. Sign-in to TUportal.
  2. Click on the Advising Tools tab.
  3. In the My Worklist channel, click on the Change of Program - Undergraduate link.
  4. In the workflow, select the student by entering the student's TUid.
  5. Select the changes per the student's request.
  6. Click the Submit button to complete the request.


Who should I contact for assistance?

Requests for asistance or technical issues should be reported to the Office of the University Registrar per instruction in the workflow app.