Third-party agents may receive documents from the student or directly from the Office of the University Registrar to be delivered electronically.


How can a student send me a transcript?

A student can send you a transcript directly by mail or electronically.  The transcripts will be delivered by our credential solutions partner Parchment. When the transcript is sent electronically:

  1. You will receive an email notification that a document has been sent to you. Click the link in the email to navigate to the secure website.
  2. Enter the passcode and click Next to download the official eTranscript.
  3. Unaltered eTranscript will contain a blue ribbon indicates to valid Parchment's digital signature is true.
  4. Effective August 31, 2022: All transcripts sent after this date will feature a white background and a unique watermark for the digital transcript and the print transcript.


How can a student send me a copy of the diploma or a certificate?

Temple University issues digital diplomas and certificates to students who complete the academic program.  To request a copy of a student's digital diploma or certificate, you may ask the student to send the Secure PDF digital diploma directly to you by email. Ensure that you have an unaltered documents:

  1. Secure PDF: The secure PDF document contains a blue ribbon to indicate to valid Parchment's digital signature is true. The second page of the document will link to the web credential containing the credential details.
  2. Web Credential: The web credential shows the a copy of the student's diploma or the certificate along with additional learner details.  Please see the sample web diploma and the web certificate


How do I submit documents for validation?

If you recieved documents from a student and would like to verify the authenticy, please follow these steps to open a case and send documents.

  1. Contact us using our secure online form.
  2. Select Validate Documents as the topic
  3. Enter a breif description of your inquiry.
  4. Click submit.
  5. You will receive a seperate reply-to email with a case number.
  6. Reply with the documents attached for authentication.