What is a course repeat?

Undergraduate and graduate students may repeat a course to earn a higher grade. Except for courses designated to be taken multiple times ("repeatable"), such as an independent study or research course, credit will be granted only once for each course and only the highest grade earned for that course will be used to calculate a student's Grade Point Average (GPA). In order to ensure student progress towards graduation, the number of attempts will be limited to a maximum of three (3). 

All graded course attempts will remain on the official transcript, but the lower grade (or the later grade when the recorded grade is identical) for non-repeatable courses will be excluded from GPA and earned hours calculations.

Second Attempt

Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration for a second attempt to discuss academic and financial implications.

Graduate students seeking a second attempt are required to meet with the graduate coordinator in their school/college.


Third Attempt

Students must obtain the approval of the dean or the dean's designee of their home school or college for a third attempt and can only be registered for a third attempt by their home school or college.

Students unable to successfully complete courses in the allotted number of attempts necessary to satisfy major or school/college requirements or prerequisites must meet with their academic advisors to discuss alternate graduation plans. Undergraduate students who have exhausted course attempts for course(s) required for their program will be required to change program and, depending on the course, may also be required to change their school or college. Graduate students who have exhausted course attempts for course(s) required for their program will be unable to graduate from their program.


How do I initate a petition to repeat a course for a third attempt?

Graduate students should contact their program coordinator for assistance.

Undergraduate students can petition for a third registration for the same course:

  1. Sign-in to TUportal.
  2. Click on the Student Tools tab.
  3. Search for Third Course Attempt Request in the University Forms channel.
  4. Complete form with the required information.

The petition will be sent to your advisor for review and approval.


Additional informaion

  • Following the awarding of a degree, no changes in the GPA will be made through the repeat process.
  • Review the Course Repeat entry in the Bulletin
  • Policy # 02.10.11, Academic Standing (Undergraduate)
  • Policy # 02.10.14, Withdrawal from Classes (Undergraduate and Graduate Classes)
  • Policy # 02.10.17, Academic Forgiveness (Undergraduate)
  • Policy # 02.10.18, Transfer Credit Policy for Matriculated Undergraduate Students