How can I petition for PA Residency for tuition purpose?

  1. Review each section of the PA residency information.
  2. Download the petition and complete the required information.
  3. Using your TUportal login, sign into the PA Residency Petition app to submit your completed petition.
  4. Upload the PA Residency petition with the supporting documents.

Your petition will be reviewed in the order received. If additional information is required, you will be notified by email.

Newly admitted undergraduate student should check with Undergraduate Admissions for their initial residency classification.


What are the deadlines for each term?

Deadlines for currently enrolled students are strictly enforced.

  • Spring reclassification: November 15 - January 30
  • Summer I reclassification: April 16 - May 14
  • Summer II reclassification: May 15 - June 14
  • Fall reclassification: June 15 - September 15

You can track the status of your petition in the PA Residency app. An email notification of the final decision will be sent to your TUmail account within 30 days after we receive a completed petition and the required documents. The final decision will be available in the PA Residency portal app.

Late petitions or a petition sent directly to an Office of the University Registrar staff will be discarded.