Faculty can view class roster and initiate selected actions from the My Courses tab in TUportal. Students officially registered for a course will show in My Courses. Students not officially registered are not permitted to attend the class, and should be directed to their academic advisor for guidance. Complete self-service options are available in the Self Service Banner for Faculty channel located in the Faculty Tools tab.


Canvas LMS

Students who are on the Canvas roster but not listed in My Courses are not considered officially registered for the course and must not be permitted to participate. Canvas is refreshed with class roster information throughout the day, and newly registered students will show upon the next refresh. Faculty should contact their grading liaisons for questions and concerns about class rosters. Students who withdraw from a course will no longer be visible from Canvas roster, but the faculty may unhide the student to view the course participation details.


Grade Reporting

Final Grades must be entered within 72 hours after the last day of courses or final exams at the University. Any grades that are not submitted by the due date and time will be recorded as "MG" (Missing Grade). Faculty should contact their grading liaison in their school or college for assistance with grading or grade submission.


Midterm Progress Ratings

During the midpoint of the fall and spring terms, undergraduate students receive feedback as to whether their work to date is Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) for reason of Attendance (A), poor Grades (G), Missing Assignments (M), Participation (P), or any combination of the preceding. Midterm progress ratings are not recorded on the student's transcript. For more information, please refer to the Quick Tips guide and policy #02.10.15.


Academic Advisors and Program Coordinators

Academic advisors or graduate program coordinators (advisors) can view student details and initiate selected actions from the Advising Tools tab in TUportal. Advisors can log comments and keep notes in the Advising Database accessible from the Advising Tools tab. Advisors can access the Student360 app from the Student Dashboard channel in the Advising Tools tab in TUportal. In Student360:

  • Documents may be sent to the Office of the University Registrar for processing.
  • School/college files may be uploaded and appended to the student's record.
  • Previously submitted documents may be viewed.
  • View student's Activity Log.