What is a change of program?

A change of program could be a transfer from one school or college to another within Temple University or changing from one academic program ("major") to another. Transfer between academic units is not automatic.


Who does this apply to?

Change of program information published on this page is specifically for undergraduate students.  Graduate students should consult their program coordinator.


Am I required to change my program?

Changing your program is usually optional. However, you may be unable to continue in your program after exhausting the permitted number of attempts for a required course under the Repeating a Course policy. In that case, you may consult another school or college or the Division of University Studies, regardless of grade point average, academic standing, or the number of credits completed.


What should I know before I initiate a change of program?

We suggest you consider several factors related to your academic progress and cost of attendance prior to switching to a new program.


When does my new program become effective?

Change of program requests submitted prior to the add/drop deadline may be effective the current enrolled term or for a future term. For requests submitted after the add/drop deadline, the new program may become effective for the next available or a later term. Any changes in tuition cost will become effective with the new program.

How do I initiate a change of program?

To be eligible to complete a change of program, you may be required to be in good academic standing. We suggest you start the discussion about changing your program with your academic advisor. You may also go through the orientation in Canvas:

  1. Login to TUportal.
  2. Click on the Student Tools tab.
  3. In the Registration channel, click on Change of Major.
  4. You will be directed to the Change of Major Canvas site.