Requests to change a grade older than two years (or one that cannot be entered through workflow for another reason) must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar through a memo from the final approver explaining the request and reason for approval along with supporting documentation. Documentation must be uploaded via Student360. 


How do I submit a grade change memo?

Academic advisors and program coordinators will have access to the Student360 Document Tools portal app used for archiving student records.

  1. Scan paper documents for each student as a PDF file.
  2. Sign-in to TUportal.
  3. Search for the student in the Student Dashboard channel found in the Advising Tools tab.
  4. After you select the student, click on the Registrar Student360 link.
  5. In Student360, click on Document Tools.
  6. From the document dropdown list, select Grade Change as the document type.
  7. Select the term code.
  8. Select for Office of the University Registrar processing
  9. Select the document to upload.
  10. Click upload to complete the process.

Grade change memo can only be submitted by grading liaisons.