What is the definition of Pennsylvania Residency?

Under Pennsylvania state law, a student is classified either as a resident or a nonresident of Pennsylvania. The term "Pennsylvania resident" for tuition purposes may differ from other definitions of Pennsylvania residency. A person who holds a Pennsylvania driver's license, or who is a Pennsylvania resident for tax, voting, or other purposes may not necessarily be considered a resident for tuition purposes. In addition, financial hardship without meeting the requirements for Pennsylvania residency does not make a student eligible for in-state tuition.

Generally speaking, a student who has resided in Pennsylvania for at least twelve (12) continuous months immediately prior to enrollment at Temple University or any other institution of higher education in Pennsylvania is presumed to be a resident for tuition purposes. Conversely, a student who has not resided in Pennsylvania for a period of twelve (12) continuous months immediately prior to enrollment at the University or any other institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is presumed not to be a resident of Pennsylvania for tuition purposes. However, these students may rebut this presumption with clear and convincing evidence. To that purpose, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has established a petition and an appeal process for residency for tuition purposes. 


Who does this apply to?

All currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate, and professional level students attending a U.S. campus. Newly admitted or incoming students should contact the admissions office to inquire about their residency classification.


What should I know before I petition?

We have complied a comprehensive list of common questions related to the Pennsylvania Residency policy and the petition process.  Before submitting a petition, review each question and the response.



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