Digital Diploma

Your digital diploma is your official diploma showing your degree information and other achievements at Temple University.

  • Diploma will be available approximately 4-6 weeks after your school/college confirms the completion of your degree requirements. You will be notified via email once your degree has been confirmed and awarded.
  • The name appearing on your official diploma will be your legal name listed on the official academic record.
  • You must verify that your legal name is correct prior to the deadline. If the legal name needs to be updated, you can submit a Personal Information Change form.
  • Unresolved financial obligations will prevent the release of your official diploma.
  • Your digital diploma will sent to the email address you provided when applying for graduation.


Claiming your Digital Diploma

You will receive an email from Parchment sent to your digital credential notification email you provided at the time of applying for graduation. This email will explain the steps to claim your digital diploma. You can also access the web diploma by clicking on the verification link on page 2 of the PDF diploma.



The PDF version of your digital diploma is secure to share with third party agencies, employers or attach to your resume. The PDF version of the digital diploma includes a link to verify the authenticity of your degree.



Digital diplomas can be shared on professional sites such as LinkedIn or emailed to employers.  We understand that graduating from Temple University is a tremendous accomplishment worthy of sharing with others. We encourage you to share your digital diploma across social media platforms with your friends and followers.