What is the relevant terminology related to graduation?


Before I become graduation eligible, what should I know?

Plan ahead
Cost and expense

From the start of your first year at Temple University, consider focusing on an academic program that is of interest to you. Along the way, meet with your advisor to create a degree completion plan incorporating on-campus employment, co-curricular, internships, minors, or certificates to maximize your potential upon graduating.  Connect with Career Services for guidance on a career path related to your academic program. Your main focus should be on degree completion. Commit to Fly in 4!

Losing focus on degree completion could lead to an unnecessary financial burden. Balance your curricular and co-curricular interest with your overall expense. Discuss your degree completion plan and interests with your advisor and Student Financial Services for guidance on graduating with little to no debt, if possible.

Temple is a playground for students to explore and make their own unique experiences. Find your own passion and pursue it relentlessly without losing focus on your degree completion.

Graduation Application

Students enrolled in a degree-program, such as a Certificate, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral or professional degree, should apply to graduate when they become degree-eligible. Students should regularly meet with their academic advisors to ensure academic program requirements are being met. Review the general graduation processing timeline to learn when your degree will be transcripted, diplomas awarded, etc.  Once a graduation application has been submitted, it cannot be rescinded.


Diploma Issuance

The name appearing on your official diploma will be your legal name listed on the official academic record. You must verify that your legal name is correct. If the legal name needs to be updated, you can submit a Personal Information Change form prior to the deadline.

  • Most undergraduate majors do not display on the diploma. Your digital diploma will show more program details as can bee seen in the sample.
  • You will only receive one diploma even if you completed two majors. Your digital diploma will show more program details as can bee seen in the sample.
  • Graduated students will receive their digital diploma 4-6 weeks after their school/college confirms the completion of degree requirements. After the digital diploma has been issued, students will receive instructions to request one copy of their print diploma at no additional cost. Unfortunately, digital or print diplomas cannot be issued any sooner than the dates noted for each graduation term.
  • Unresolved financial obligations will prevent the release of the official diploma, but not the conferral of the degree.
  • Visit the diploma page for more detail.