What is Graduation Amendment?

Graduation Amendment is a mechanism to confer a degree upon a student after the conferral deadline has passed for the graduation term.  In rare cases, a situation arises when the University has become aware that a student completed the degree requirements, but the degree has not been recorded on the transcript. The chart below describes five cases which require retroactive awarding of the student’s degree.


Retroactive degree conferral



Diploma date

Cross-term enrollment

A student enrolled in the final course, but it spans two terms.

The term in which the course was completed.

Incomplete completion

A student completed the Incomplete requirements in another term.

The last term of enrollment at Temple.

Never applied

A student never applied for graduation.

The last term of enrollment at Temple.

Transfer credits not evaluated

A student submits transfer credits for evaluation, but not evaluated prior to diploma date.

The last term of enrollment at Temple.

Final requirements taken at another institution

A student enrolls with permission at another institution to satisfy degree requirement after completing all other coursework at Temple.

The last term of enrollment at the host institution equivalent to a Temple term (fall, spring, summer I, summer II).

Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.


How do I submit a Graduation Amendment petition?

Graduation liaisons in each school or college may submit a Graduation Amendment petition to the Office of the University Registrar.

  1. Sign-in  to TUportal.
  2. Click on the Staff Tools tab.
  3. In the University Forms channel, seach for "Request to Amend the Official Graduation List"
  4. Download the form and complete it with all required information.
  5. Acquire the appropriate signatures.
  6. If the degree conferral is for a retroactive term, supporting documents may be required.
  7. Upload the form and the supporting documents: 
    • In the Advising Tool, search for the student under Student Dashboard
    • Select the student.
    • Click on Registrar Student360 link.
    • In Registrar Student360 app, click on the student then select Document Upload.
    • Select Graduation Amend Form as the document type
    • Select the graduation term.
    • Select Office of the University Registrar review and processing option.
    • Enter comments or notes.
    • Select the document to upload
  8. Confirm the upload.

Office of the University Registrar will review the documents and follow-up if additional information is required to complete the request.


Additional information

Review the academic record amendment policy.