What is Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)?

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is a summary of selected experiential accomplishments throughout your time at Temple University. The CLR seeks to illuminate your interests and reflect your cumulative Temple experience based on your engagement in co-curricular activities. The  CLR is issued as a digital document (PDF CLR).


Example of page from Temple University CLR

How is a CLR different from a Transcript?

While the official transcript focuses on courses and grades based on course registration, the CLR is created from your holistic record sourced from multiple systems: HandShake, Suitable, OwlConnect (Campus Labs), and others. The CLR uses visual elements to capture experiences that define your skills and highlights non-academic experiences.


How should I make use of my CLR?


Share your CLR on LinkedIn to enhance your professional profile.

Attach your digital CLR document (PDF) to your resume, cover letter, or in an email.


What should I do to have my experiences reflected on the CLR?

The details of your CLR will come from multiple systems. For some experiences that are presented on the CLR, you do not have to take any additional action. However, there are few experiences that will require your attention.  Review the CLR contents to see which section requires your attention. 

CLR Content


How do I request my CLR or check my eligibility?

If you are eligible, you may receive an email to confirm your non-Temple email address for the delivery of your CLR. 

Optionally, you may request or check your eligibility by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Comprehensive Learner Record email confirmation app in TUportal
  2. The app will check your eligibility.
  3. If you are eligible, you will be prompted to provide your non-Temple email.
  4. You will receive a confirmation noting that we received your request.
  5. When your Comprehensive Learner Record is ready for access, you will receive an email from Parchment with download instructions.
    • You will automatically receive notifications from Parchment when your Comprehensive Learner Record is updated with new experiences.