What is priority registration?

Priority registration occurs over a period of days during which students are permitted to begin registration for the upcoming term. The first day on which a student becomes eligible to register is determined by student level, earned credits, or other criteria. 


How will I know my priority registration date?

Office of the University Registrar will send a customized message to your TUmail account with the specific date and time when you become eligible to register for the term. The date and time noted in the email is referred to as the priority registration date. The email includes other content specific to you that may be relevant to to your registration planning, such as: holds, registration PIN, graduation information, Fly in 4, advising contact details, and other information.


What tools are available to help me build my course schedule?

In TUportal, the following tools are available to help you plan for registration in TUportal Student Tools tab:

  • Browse for Classes (Course Schedule): Course search engine tool for browsing for courses.
  • Plan your Schedule: Schedule planning tools to help build multiple course schedules.
  • Degree Audit Report System (DARS): A degree audit system to help you track progress toward your degree.
  • Individual schools or colleges may have other tools available for students.