For some records, such as financial records, human resources records, library records, and transcripts and diplomas, Temple’s policy is to utilize a student’s legal name to ensure for verification and to safeguard against identify theft and fraudulent credentials.


What are the different name types?

All students will have a legal name, diploma name, and an academic name.  There is no difference between those name records but termed differently for internal and external process and reporting.

  • Legal name: The student's legal first and last name will appear on all official communication that requires a digital or a physical signature.
  • Academic name: The student's academic name record will appear on the official transcript. Currently enrolled students will have their academic name updated if the legal name is updated.  The academic name can no longer be changed when the student graduates or stops-out.
  • Diploma name: The student's diploma name is the full legal name (first, middle, last, and suffix) that will appear on the diploma. The diploma name is derived from the academic name and can be updated via the legal name change process prior to the deadline.


How do I update my personal information?

Current or former students can update their legal name, social security number, or date of birth using the Personal Information Change process:

  1. Using your TUportal login, sign into the Name/Personal Info Change app to update your personal information (legal name, date of birth or SSN).
  2. Complete the required form fields.
  3. Select the supporting document type, and upload the file.
  4. After uploading each document type individually, click SUBMIT REQUEST to send your request.
  5. We will evaluate the documents you submitted, and follow-up via email.

Student-workers or any Temple employees enrolled in courses requesting name changes MUST upload a copy of the social security card.

For privacy and confidentiality reasons, Office of the University Registrar does NOT accept paper forms or documents in-person or sent by email.


How do I update my preferred name?

Temple University supports the need or preference for members of its community who identify by a name other than their legal name. The university will accommodate a preferred name, when possible, in the course of university business and education. Please see the Preferred Name Use section of the website for details.